Auto Resort Tomakomai Arten

Communal bath

A spa resort where opulence and luxury meet in great nature.


Soaking yourself in the hot spring will have you refreshed and soothed after camping, canoeing or playing park golf. Mt. Tarumae, along with vivid green scenery and the clear blue sky, seen through a large window assure you of a relaxing time.

 A natural hot spring Yunomi no Yu has been visited and loved by a large number of people in and out of Tomakomai since its opening in 1999. Spring quality is sodium - chloride strong saline springs: the body can be sufficiently warmed during bathing and a chill after a bath hardly occurs. The communal bathes are separated by gender and exchanged on odd/even days, so everyone can enjoy all types of bath: a large bath, a lie-down bath, a sauna, a herbal bath, and an open-air hot spring flowing directly from the source.



Lie-down bath

Hours/Fees (tax included)

Open Hours  10:00~22:00  


(tax included)

Adult (junior high school student and older) ¥600

Child (below elementary school)

A book of six discounted tickets (Adult) ¥3,000

Closing day

Third Wednesday of every month

Schedule may be subjected to change.

Check our website to find the latest schedule.